Welcome to the Chapel Hill High School Band Family!

Hello and Welcome to the Chapel Hill High School Band Family! High School Band is very different than Middle School, and we are excited to have you and your student on board with us for the upcoming school year!

At the top of this page, you will see links to our Band Handbook, our Forms page, our calendar, and how to contact the Director! Please take note of these pages, as they will be your primary way to navigate through out our site.

Attention All Prospective 2021-2022 Band and Colorguard Members:

Get registered for the band app located under our "Contact" page...and fill out the Registration Form Found Below!

All incoming parents and students must first read our Band Handbook, located at the link to the top of this page! Please read this document IN IT'S ENTIRETY, as it will answer virtually ALL questions pertaining to the band program here!

Band Camp is Mandatory for all incoming freshmen wishing to sign up for the band class in the Fall!

Please see our calendar located at the top of this page for band camp dates!

For information regarding what band camp is, what to purchase, and any and all other questions, please first consult THE BAND HANDBOOK!

Here is a checklist of things which must be completed prior to arriving at Band Camp:

1.) Read the Band Handbook Located above

2.) Fill out the Google Registration Form under "Forms" located above

3.) Click on the docusign links under "forms" (found using the navigation tabs at the top of this page). Docusign is a web-based platform where you may sign all important band paperwork entirely online. These forms must be signed by PARENTS OR GUARDIANS ONLY. Students who do not have the following forms signed and on file will be turned away at band camp until all forms are on file.

  • The Google Registration Form (can only be filled out once)

  • The Band Fee Acknowledgment Form

  • The Medical Release Form

  • The Band Handbook Acknowledgement Form

  • The Field Trip Release Form

4.) Go to the tab "Band Fees" and make note of the participation fee for being a part of the marching band this school year. This is a NON REFUNDABLE fee which must be paid online via specific PayPal links. This fee will be divided into monthly installments. This payment schedule can be found on the Band App. Students and families who are struggling financially may contact the director at james.weathers@dcssga.org to set up an alternative payment plan on a case by case basis. Most if not all families can manage the current payment schedule however. A breakdown of the band fees is located on this page along with the fees for the school year.

5.) Go the "Contact" page located above. Here, you will find the primary form of communication between the Director and students/parents. These include links to the Band app. You may use this app to contact the director with any other questions/comments or concerns. You may also email the director at james.weathers@dcssga.org

6.) Please make sure your child has A PACKED LUNCH for everyday of Band Camp!!!

We are INCREDIBLY EXCITED to see you express interest in the Chapel Hill High School Band Program! We are eager for you to join our family, be a part of the competitive band experience, and to gain knowledge in the artful process of music making! Everything we do here is designed to engage the student in the process of artful music making, and hopefully with practice and effort on the student's part, will produce smart, respectful, talented young men and women who are properly trained in the musical arts!

Thank You to all parents, guardians, and family members, community supporters, and the like who help make this possible for these young students! Allowing YOUR STUDENT to be involved in music will serve them well into the rest of their lives!

Please continue to consult this website, to write down all important dates and times from the Band Calendar, and explore how YOU can become a part of our BAND BOOSTER PROGRAM! Please see the links above!

The Director and staff look forward to meeting you soon! Best wishes, and may the spirit of music be with you always!